2021 56-year Reunion Survey

56-Year Reunion Survey

It's that time again!  After a disappointing year last year, thanks to Covid 19, the LVHS Alumni Association is moving forward with plans for a full-sized, unrestricted Wildcat Reunion on Saturday, October 16th, 2021!  Class of 1965 is doing the same with our private event on Friday night, October 15th, at Sierra Gold.  The only chance of a cancellation would be a drastic uptick of Covid or a new strain that circulates.

We will mail out a registration form for your official response and reservation, but we need a ballpark guesstimate of what our attendance numbers might be for Friday night.  We have the upstairs room at Sierra Gold reserved -- the one we used for the 45-year reunion.  However, if we don't have a certain number of attendees, we may have to select another place versus paying a minimum "room fee" in addition to the per person food cost.

So PLEASE respond here as soon as possible, and help us get ready for an overdue event!




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1)   Do you live in Southern Nevada?

Yes No
2)   If you answered "no" to No. 1, how will you travel to Las Vegas for the Reunion?

3)   While in Las Vegas, where will you stay?

4)   If you answered travel by plane and/or stay in a hotel, are you comfortable with both of these options (assuming there are no major setbacks by October)?

5)   The LVHS Alumni Association has made the decision to go forward with their Wildcat Reunion in October, and there are no attendance, distancing, or seating restrictions; and no masks or vaccinations required. 1. Will you be comfortable in this scenario? Wearing a mask is certainly your prerogative, but would a lack of distancing be an issue for you? 2. will you attend the Wildcat Reunion?

6)   In conjunction with the Wildcat Reunion, the Class of '65 has reserved the private room upstairs at Sierra Gold for Friday night, October 16. Since this is a room for "private parties", it isn't subject to most CDC limitations. It will be appetizers and mingling, versus sit-down dinner. Again, masks are certainly okay, but not required by all. Would you be comfortable in this scenario?

7)   Is there anything else you would like to do while you're in Las Vegas, pertinent to LVHS or Class of '65? Maybe its just a "girls lunch" on Saturday? Not sure about the Senior Squares... do you want to go there again? :-) Or think up something NEW and DIFFERENT! We're all ears!

8)   Finances: The Class of '65 coffers are drained. We have $9.31 in our bank account... hence the reason we suddenly have advertisements on the website. I'm putting together a "budget" that will include an ad-free website for the next 5 years @ $660. Comments welcome Are you willing to donate to this "very worthy cause"? We will provide a space for that on the reservation form. Thanks in advan

The budget will also include printing & mailing costs of a USPS mailing (how archaic is that?)~$275; deposit for Sierra Gold ~$500.

For those who just CANT WAIT to donate, checks are accepted at:
(Please don't go overboard! Feel free to wait and add $10-15 to your reunion registration.)
Jill Barnard
1125 Cool Springs Dr NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
9)   2021 REUNION COMMITTEE! Who is available for help, advice, small errands, etc.? I'm in Georgia, so not readily available for local needs. Let me know who is available and willing to help... (it's minimal stuff...)

10)   AND THE FINAL QUESTION: WHO would be willing to help me with the Class of '65 website? it isn't technically difficult (or EYE couldn't have done it :-) But Gayle Clark Brandt was the only other "admin" who had access to the "back side" of the functions. Now it's only ME, and I'm not comfortable with that. Please let me know if you might have interest in helping.

And trust me, it is NOT difficult! It's mainly access to be able to make surveys like this, help people with their log-in info, etc. NOT heavy duty tech stuff... trust me! I just don't want to be the onliest person with access to the website! :-)

Lemme know!

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