As you probably know, our 55-year '65 Reunion has been in the planning stages for October 16th/17th, 2020, in conjunction with the all-class LVHS Wildcat Reunion.  Times are a bit strange right now due to Covid-19; that may be less of an issue by October -- or not.  No one has the answer to that question. 

But most importantly, we want to know how YOU feel about it, and whether you will attend if we proceed to have it in October 2020.  So please take 5 minutes to give us your thoughts.  We appreciate your help... it's hard doing this in a vacuum!

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1)   Do you live in the Las Vegas area?

Yes No
2)   If you answered "no" to Question #1, how will you travel to Las Vegas for the Reunion?

("Broom" is not an option, Vickie!)
3)   Where will you stay in Las Vegas?

4)   If you answered travel by plane, and/or stay in a hotel, are you comfortable with either or both of these travel options as the situation stands right now?

5)   If you're NOT comfortable RIGHT NOW with situation/s in #4, will you feel more comfortable in October?

6)   The LVHS Alumni Ass'n is hopeful of making a decision by July 12 on whether they can hold the Wildcat Reunion on Sat, Oct 17th. There could be a maximum of 250 persons allowed in the ball room for their event, which is about a 60% reduction, for social distancing. No more than 4 persons at a 10-top table. Would you be comfortable spending a few hours in that scenario?

Answer Yes or No, and add any comments you would like.
7)   In conjunction with the Wildcat Reunion, Class of '65 has reservations for the private room upstairs at Sierra Gold for Friday, Oct 16th. Since this is a room for "private parties", it isn't subject to most CDC limitations. It would be appetizers... not sit-down dinner. Our best attendance would be 80-90, max allowed is #250. Would you be comfortable in this scenario?

Answer Yes or No and add any comments you would like.
8)   Given the situation and its unknown outcome, would you prefer to postpone the official celebration of our 55-Year Reunion until fall of 2021? Or do you want to "wait and see" and decide August first? (We need to cancel Sierra Gold by August 15th.)

  Wait to see what transpires with Covid-19
  Wait for LVHS Alumni Assn decision on Wildcat Reunion
  Postpone our Class of '65 event until fall of 2021
9)   If we postpone our Class of '65 Reunion until next year, will you still attend the LVHS Wildcat Reunion in October 2020?

Yes No
10)   And lastly, if we don't have an "official" reunion this year, would you attend a more casual dinner event at a local restaurant in about October? This would, of course, depend on the distancing rules at the time.

Answer Yes or No, and add any comments.

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