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Gayle Diane Namanny

Gayle Diane Namanny was born April 21, 1947 to parents Vernon J and Minnie P Namanny of Blue Diamond, NV. 

She graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1965 and attended University of Nevada - Las Vegas.  She became an airline hostess for Air West Airlines in early 1969.

She married Tony G Bangan on September 2, 1978.  He committed homicide, taking her life and his own on May 1, 1979 in Las Vegas. She was 32.

She is interred at Bunkers Eden Vale Cemetery, Las Vegas.

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06/04/17 04:12 PM #1    

Beverly Leake (Good)

I have many fond memories of Diane.  We first met at Blue Diamond Elementary in the third grade! She helped me learn to read. We attended the baptist vacation Bible school together as well as the blue diablos square dance club. During Junior High School I moved back to paradise valley, but her family continued to occasionally pick me up and take me with them to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We never had classes together in either junior high or high school, but we remained friends. During one sleepover at her house, when I was about 14, she and I camped out and she saw a very tiny Jesus in the leaves of the tree above our heads, she pointed it out to to me and went to get her camera. She took a picture and it turned out, I had that picture for many years. 

Once we were grown, Diane visited me, while I was in Charleston, SC, and observed that I wasn't talking to my 4 month old baby...she asked me why I didn't talk to the baby and I said, "she doesn't understand me" to which Diane responded, "you need to talk to her so that she learns language!" 😀 

After she married, when I would call her, if her husband picked up the phone he would become irritated that someone was calling his wife. She let me know that he was jealous of anyone calling her. Her situation became so dire that she made the decision to leave him.  The day that she was leaving him, he came home unexpectedly and caught her packing, he was intoxicated and flew into such a rage that he shot her and then himself. She was survived by her parents and her brother Dean. I flew in from Vallejo, CA to attend the funeral.

She loved children and family and had a great desire to someday have her own. Before she married she did have the opportunity to help one of her girlfriends raise her daughter.

She was a good friend whose life was cut short. She is and always will be dearly missed.

-Beverly Leake Good





06/04/17 04:45 PM #2    

Judy Dennison

Beverly, I knew Diane too and I thank you for posting this.  I had no idea about the situation surrounding her death.  

06/17/17 08:09 AM #3    

Jill Barnard

   Article from

   Las Vegas Sun, Tuesday February 18, 1969

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