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Suzanne Vandever (Guidroz)

Suzanne “Suzie” Lorraine Vandever Guidroz (1947-2016) passed away peacefully at home on May 13, 2016.  Beloved wife of Chris Guidroz and loving mother of Andrea “Andi” (Rich) Monterosso, and step-mother of Chris II and Jon Guidroz (Meghan). She is survived by her four grandchildren: Evan Elliott, Olyvia Fonseca, Caleb and Hazel Guidroz.

Suzie was raised in Las Vegas by her wonderful parents, Harry and Mildred Vandever. She graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1965, where she was voted 'Most Talented' female and was a Homecoming Queen candidate.  She joined the New Orleans community in 1994.

She danced professionally for 17 years, primarily in the Stardust Hotel’s “Lido de Paris”, followed by a 32-year legal career managing major litigations in Las Vegas and New Orleans. Suzie was happiest helping others, fishing at her camp, making memories with her family, and watching her grandchildren grow.

Family and friends are invited to a Memorial Gathering at 11:30am on Wednesday, May 18 at JACOB SCHOEN & SON FUNERAL HOME, 3827 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA. Visitation will begin at 10:00am. Condolences may be expressed at

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05/17/16 01:07 AM #1    

Robert Martin

Warm and kind are not words we often associate with sophistication, but those are the qualities that I remember most about Suzanne.  And of course her beauty.  When I think of her name, I hear it with a French accent since she was one of the core members of our French class.  Suzanne and I did a number of the little skits that we were required to write from time to time for Mme Pivornick.  Suzanne was delightful to work with.  So witty, smart and easy to get along with.  What a great loss this must be for her family and friends.

05/17/16 05:28 AM #2    

Joe Thomson

Just yesterday I was selecting items for a future presentation in a newly installed display cabinet in the entry hallway of the LVHS/LVS and I came across a purple rythemette number with rinestones that I thought would be perfect for the fall display. I took a photo of the name sewn in the collar (SUZANNE VANDEVER) in hopes of finding more about the girl and the outfit. It is quite unfortunate to hear of her early passing but I am thankful that someone had the kind consideration to donate the outfit at some point thus giving us the opportunity to celebrate her achievments.

05/17/16 07:02 AM #3    

Craig Jolley

Suzanne got stuck as my biology (Mr. Seaman) lab partner, was forced to endure fetal pigs and my sophomoric jokes.  Besides her dreamy good looks she was wise and aware, probably belonged in college.  She was married young to a Las Vegas entertainer, hobnobbed with movers and shakers on the Strip.  After that she became a very successful paralegal, helped organize a multi-year lawsuit in Puerto Rico, the fallout of a hurricane as I remember.  We had a lot of friends in common, one of whom I accompanied on a fun vacation in San Juan where we stayed with her for five days.  She picked us up at the airport, generously made her car available during the days, took us to a trendy dance club one night (have to admit I bailed out on the deafening music), fed us wonderful, exotic meals, couldn't have done more.  I lost track of her after that, but there is not much doubt she enriched the lives of those lucky enough to be around her.  One of a kind, strong-willed, heart of gold, knew what she wanted from life and made it happen.  Very sorry to hear about her passing.       

05/18/16 09:55 AM #4    

Yvette Weinstein (Hall)

It is with much sadness that I discuss wonderful Suzanne.  We spent many years together

in French class where we performed skits to learn the language.  I always teased Suzanne

when I saw her at our various reunions about our skit involving a rabbit that only was only

seen by me--a take off on the Jimmy Stewart movie.  We would laugh and laugh remembering

how fun it was to write the script in French and perform it for Madam Pivornick and the class.

I also was so lucky to see her perform at the Lido Review at the Stardust.  I wasn't able to

see the show until I turned 21 and I went with my parents.  We got back stage and Suzanne

showed us around and was so kind to my parents--this is also a beloved memory because

Suzanne was living her dream of being a professional dancer.

I feel that the stars are a little dimmer because of her passing.

05/18/16 05:04 PM #5    

Michael Krumper

The view of the Rythemettes from the middle of the audiance was to admire the heart, displayed in movement, of each dancer. For me,

Suzanne was among the best !

05/19/16 10:42 AM #6    

Roberta Cone (Lewin)

I remember Suzanne Vandever very well.  She was so smart and just beautiful.  She had an almost ethereal quality.  To put in mildly, I certainly didn't move in the same circles in high school as she did, but I do remember her vividly.  My sincere condolences to all her family and friends.

05/19/16 07:45 PM #7    

Ronnie Vause

It is with much sadness and even a little shock that I write this about our classmate Suzanne, "Susie" to a lot of us. While I didn't know her well at LVHS she was involved in LVHS'65 reunions for quite awhile. I'm proud to say LVHS'65 headed up the LVHS Classes of the 60's parties in the late 80's and Susie was a driving force in them. As a matter of fact I'm sure they were successful because Susie brought in one of the Checkmates as entertainment and it was quite an event. I'm glad to say we became friends and even though it's been quite awhile since seeing her she is missed. Thank you Suzanne.

05/30/16 11:03 AM #8    

Paula Johnson (Abercrombie)

Susanne was beautiful and talented

09/15/18 10:48 AM #9    

Jill Barnard

Janice Fallman posted this about Suzanne on Facebook in September 2018:

Susie died in New Orleans about 2-1/2 years ago after bravely enduring a long bout of rheumatoid arthritis and lung cancer. She could have been a presidential scholar having maintained a 4.0 GPA in high school, but followed her mother’s directive and became the first American dancer in The Blue Belles at Le Lido de Paris at the Stardust at age 17 in 1965, approximately 6 weeks before graduation.

Mrs. Jones, her instructor in the only required course needed to be completed in her senior year to graduate, in a desperate attempt to keep her in school so she could receive perhaps a Presidential scholarship, misrepresented that she would fail her if she left school to begin rehearsals. Susie followed her mother’s goal.

After being the first mascot for the Stardust Raceway and a long career dancing, she was forced to retire only to discover at a LVHS reunion while touring the campus that her diploma had been sitting in the principal’s safe for over 25 years.

Thank heaven she was so brilliant. After working with the attorneys and courts at the document depository for the MGM and Hilton Hotel fires, she created a business that facilitated class action litigation including the Phillip Morris company being adjudicated to have engaged in targeting smokers of all ages while having knowledge of potential health hazards.

She married a wonderful man, Attorney Christopher Guidroz, who provided her the love and respect she so rightly deserved and who adored her throughout every day of their marriage until giving her her final kiss as he went to make coffee that morning. She was blessed.

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