In Memory

James Curran "Giac" Ungaro

James Curran "Giac" Ungaro was born in Alameda, California on November 10,1947 to parents James Paul and Elizabeth "Betty" (Curran) Ungaro, both of New York.  The family moved to Las Vegas about 1949 where his father found work in the casino industry. 
Giac graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1965.
He served with honor in U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot with Charlie Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam 1968-1969.  He received the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross with four oak leaf clusters and other medals during his tour in Viet Nam.

1st Lt. James C. Ungaro received the Silver Star for an action near Hue in the late spring of 1968. He was not only written up in the citation but was also the subject of a story in the 1st Cav Div newspaper which found it's way into the hands of the North Vietnamese Army. Hanoi 'Hannah' was calling him by name, in her 'pidgin' English voice, over the AM radio band and telling him that "brave soldiers of the NLF were coming soon for him at Camp Evans". They never showed up but the 'grim reaper' did some years later, when he was murdered in his Las Vegas home.

Giac was murdered during a burglar break-in at his home on May 27, 1983.  He bled to death after fighting off at least three people.  He was survived by both parents; sisters Laura and Mary Ungaro; and brothers Mark C. and Rock C. Ungaro.  He is interred at Palm Memorial Park Green Valley in Las Vegas.



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