In Memory

James Allen Gibbs


James A Gibbs was born on August 29, 1947 to parents Lloyd and Ann Gibbs, and passed away on February 4, 2017.  Jim was the very definition of integrity.  He lived a simple life devoted to the happiness of his family, inner peace, and peace towards all human beings.  Among a very long list of positive traits, Jim was wise, patient, generous, practical, creative and humorous. He did not keep many close friends, but many people would consider him a dear friend because he would offer his sincere ear and leave you with a smile and a warm heart.

Jim had many different jobs such as working for a quarry, landscaping, and real estate.  For the majority of his professional career he worked for the State of Nevada.  The last position he held was Management Analyst.  He served the people of Nevada using diligence, patience, and collectedness, which was greatly appreciated by his coworkers.

Three of his greatest hardships were losing his father in childhood, almost dying in an automobile accident as a teenager, and serving in the Vietnam War. James Gibbs honorably served in the US Army Garrison 3rd Brigade First Air Cavalry and was decorated with the Army Commendation Medal and the Bronze Star.  Later in life he returned to Vietnam to reconcile.  He was happy to see that the country had grown and begun to heal.

Jim's favorite way to spend time was being with his partner, his family -- especially his grand daughters -- and his close loved ones.  He also enjoyed and excelled at numerous pastimes including gardening, drag racing, playing flute, photography, poetry (he called them rhythmic thoughts), and chewing the fat.  He also loved to sing and whistle.  One of his most appreciated and unrecognized skills was his ability to constantly invent, or introduce, new slang.  Some highlights from his infinite repertoire are hang ten, high clover, junior punk, and his favorite and most recent invention:  F.O.F. (focus on fun).  He wanted this message spread throughout the world. You can contribute to his making-the-world-a-better-place effort by sharing and embracing this saying, F.O.F. 

Jim will be greatly missed by his partner Evelyn Barragan and her family, sons Stanley Gibbs and Quincy Gibbs and their families, brother Mark Gibbs, life-long friend Jim Peterson, and many people who were close to him or had the lucky chance to chat with him.

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