In Memory

Jere Douglas Farnow

U.S. Army Specialist 4, 11E-Armor Crewman

1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment

Killed at Quang Tin, Vietnam - March 6, 1968

Interred at Mountain View Cemetery, Beaver, Utah

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall:  Panel 43E, Line 18

Medals Received:

Vietnam Gallantry Cross, Vietnam Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Bronze Star and Purple Heart awarded posthumously (see "Bronze Star" article below, under Comments).

LV Youth Dies Under Fire in Vietnam
Las Vegas Review Journal
Monday, March 11, 1968

Jere Douglas Farnow, 21, son of Harry Douglas and Kathryn (Myer) Farnow of 2205 Gabriel Drive, has been killed “under fire” in Vietnam, according to word received here this past weekend.

Farnow was born December 29, 1946 in Oakland, CA, but was educated in Las Vegas, graduating from Las Vegas High School in 1965.  He was Halfback on the LVHS football team, and a member of Varsity Club and Carpentry Club.  Before entering the Army he had attended Orange Coast College in California.

He had been in the Army 18 months and in Vietnam for the past six months, serving in a tank corps with the 1st Cavalry Division as a Specialist Four.

He is survived by his parents, his sister Victoria, and grandmothers Eileen Farnow of Las Vegas and Edith Grimshaw of Milford, Utah.  He was the grandson of the late Harry Farnow, Tropicana Hotel executive.

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02/13/15 07:47 PM #2    

Judy Dennison

I found this photo and comment on facebook and am reprinting it with permission of Jere's brother-in-law, Victor J. Lockwood.  Victor is married to Jere's younger sister Victoria.  VICTOR'S COMMENT: Here is picture of my Wife Victoria Farnow and her Brother Jere. Victoria is about 16; It was early 67. Jere was home on leave just before he was deployed to Vietnam. He died in Combat in April 68, Hue city Vietnam. A Bronze Star recipient. A hero. I know some of you remember. I never met him but he was my Brother in more ways then you can imagine. They were living in the Royal Crest Rancheros, on Gabriel Drive.

03/10/15 09:56 AM #3    

Ronnie Vause

As I'm writing this, the "Traveling Wall" is coming to St. George any minute. It is the 3rd stop for the wall and always draws big. The first thing I do is go to Jere's spot on it and trace his name. I've had the privilege of doing the same at the official wall in D.C. I was unaware till now that he was buried in Beaver, will stop and pay respects soon. There are many fond memories of times with Jere; when hearing of his death it was a very sad day, as Jere had lots of friends in those memories who felt the loss.

Ronnie Vause

03/11/15 01:19 PM #4    

John Jersey

I had the privilege to know Jere when we played JV ball at Vegas.He was KIA just before I deros from Nam. I wasn't aware till I got home. All gave some, some gave all. RIP JERE.

10/20/15 03:57 PM #5    

Arne Rosencrantz

It was so Sad that Jere was taken away from us at such a young age. He was a great guy in High School, and bigger than Life serving his Country! I found his name on the Vietnam wall in Washington D.C. many years ago. May he  Rest in Peace...    


10/21/15 05:39 AM #6    

Vickie Southwick (Ericksen)

Seeing this still makes me weep. I really liked Jere. 

10/22/15 07:02 AM #7    

Terry Ryan

Jere and I were childhood buddies.  We were in the same Cub Scout den and only lived a few blocks apart.  When not in school or doing Cub Scout stuff you could always find us playing together in one or the other's back yard ... playing Army of all things.  We were quite the soldiers with our toy rifles and stuff.  Jere was killed on my birthday in 1968.  I was stunned at the news and have relived over many years those memories of playing soldiers with him.  Often since then I have grieved the loss of my friend and wondered why him and not me.  I would like for that friendship to have followed us through life.

11/13/15 01:30 PM #8    

Steve Nelson

This is posted in Jere's honor.  I went through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with Jere, too.  Like Terry, I also wondered, why Jere and not me? . . . In the summer of 1960 our Scout troop took an exciting trip to the Boy Scout National Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO.  My father took movie clips of the Jamboree pre-camp, held at a downtown Las Vegas park, using his 8 mm movie camera (no sound).  Included are myself, David Mendenhall (Class of '64), Paul Maughan, Terry Ryan, and Jere.  Paul's mother and brother are also in this video.  RIP, Jere, and may we never forget your sacrifice. 



01/25/16 06:06 AM #9    

Jill Barnard

I found this article in the Las Vegas Sun, August 10, 1968:

01/26/16 02:04 PM #10    

Bruce Langson

All gave some...Some gave all...RIP Jere Farnow

01/27/16 09:14 AM #11    

Roberta Cone (Lewin)

I happened to see this quote in the paper yesterday. 

Could I have but a line a century hence crediting a contribution to the advance of peace, I would gladly yield every honor which has been accorded me in war" Douglas MacArthur  

Would that there would be no more such conflicts as the Vietman War and all the wars since then where such fine young men are lost and not given the chance to live their life.  May Jere and all his brothers rest in peace.

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