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Gayle Clark (Brandt)

Gayle Clark Brandt

Gayle Clark Brandt, 73, of Las Vegas, was called home November 25, 2020.  She was born July 10, 1947 in Pomona, California, to Richard and La Verne “Vernie” (Laughter) Clark.  The family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1957, where Gayle was a resident for the remainder of her life. 

She graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1965.  After 23 years in accounting and auditing of various casinos, she became a successful Realtor for 16 years, until the housing market crumbled in 2008.  Being a person who never wanted to retire, in 2009 she became a TSA officer and absolutely loved it, saying “who knew a uniform was for me?”  When a leg injury finally forced her retirement, she described her work status as “presently retired and really disliking it”.

In 1980 she married Bob Brandt, a former high school classmate, who had two boys, Joey and Jeff Brandt, about 2 and 4 years old at the time.  She raised them like they were her own and they gave her five step-grandchildren who lovingly called her “Granny”.   

Gayle is survived by her sister Nancy (Gerry) Gengler of Wenatchee, WA; 2 brothers:  John (Carol) Beckmyer of Missoula, MT, and William Beckmyer of San Diego; 2 sons: Joey Brandt of Las Vegas, and Jeff (Christina) Brandt of Apple Valley, CA, and five step-grandchildren.

Gayle had always requested that there be no memorial services for her; she wanted to be remembered as she was in life.  That memory is of a lovely, caring woman with very strong family bonds and the ability to be the dearest friend and confidant a person could ever ask for.  She was deeply spiritual, and although she suffered many difficult maladies in her life, she always told us not to worry… her Lord would take care of her.

Perhaps he took her home to relieve her 3-week hospital battle with double pneumonia (not Covid related), which ended with severe pain and eventual heart failure.  She is free of pain now, and with her mother Vernie. 

Farewell, Gayle… until we meet again.

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11/29/20 09:01 PM #2    

Catherine Hunter (Sutfin)

 Gayle made our new friendship seem like we had known each other forever. She was the headliner of class acts. Or as my mother would have said, “a woman of quality”. She will be missed.

11/30/20 03:26 AM #3    

Robert Martin

This is such sad news to learn.  Ironically I knew Gayle best through LVHS réunion get togethers and an unforgettable attendance of one of Jerald Mason's religious services.  My deepest condolences to her family and friends. 

11/30/20 06:07 AM #4    

Yvette Weinstein (Hall)

Gayle and I had a lot of fun memories after I came back from ASU in 1969. I was getting a masters decree at UNLV and Gayle and I reconnected in 1969. We were young and single and we went to various places to have fun and meet some guys . We never stopped laughing and really enjoyed life . 
I moved to So Cal in l972 to go to law school . However as all of us know the class of 1965 was so close that we had reunions every 5 years . So I saw Gayle at those functions and we still shared belly laughs . Fast forward to l994 and my husband and I moved back to Las Vegas . Somehow I heard that there was going to be a reunion committee and low and behold Gayle,Jill, Tona Bunker, Myra Sherwood and Joan Dredge Brookhyser was at the restaurant. So we all became fast friend again with many shared memories . During a lot of this time Gayle had health issues but her grace and persistent energy did not discourage her from enjoying life. 
The last time I saw Gayle out and about was two years ago to say goodbye to Jill who was leaving to go to Georgia. We were at Brios for lunch with Joan,Tona, and Myra. Gayle was not in best of health then but Jill picked her up and the 6 of talked and laughed as if we were still 17. This coming Saturday Tona, Joan, Myra are meeting outside in sun and will talk and share fun stories of our dear friend Gayle. Rest In Peace my friend .


11/30/20 09:33 AM #5    

Gil Cohen

Truely a great loss for all who knew her. She always had a welcoming smile and a pleasure to be with.  I'm so sorry to hear of her loss and offer my condolences to her family.

Gil Cohen

11/30/20 09:47 AM #6    

Wayne Abercrombie


  I remember Gayle well, I am truly saddened to hear this news. My sincerest prayers to Bob and family, and to Gayles Family..  Rest in Peace Gayle...  we'll all get together again... 

11/30/20 11:48 AM #7    

Tina Wilkinson (Humpherys)

So Saddened to loose such a sweet, caring, charitable person.  Gayle made such a difference in the world.

Condolances to her family.

12/01/20 10:06 AM #8    

Kay Kent (Furniss)

I had so much fun working with Gayle on our 50th reunion.  She was always postive and offered great ideas! She was dedicated to the task and helped make it such a happy time for all of us.  To Bob and their boys and the grandchildren, I send my heartfelt condolences.  She was important to so many people. Another jewel has gone home.  

12/02/20 10:49 AM #9    

Michael White

Gayle and I were best friends since the 6th grade and I was more than saddened to hear of her passing.  We talked on the phone about twice a month and I had no reason  to believe she was so ill because she was always so positive and bubbly.  We could not quit talking about old and fun times we shared together.  I will really miss her a lot.

12/03/20 03:32 AM #10    

Pamela Schofield (Bananto)

I was deeply saddened to not only hear about Gayle passing but also her numerous health challenges throughout her life. She was a beautiful, kind, special  and compassionate  person and will be forever

missed. 🌹

12/05/20 01:24 PM #11    

Jill Barnard

Bob Brandt asked me to post a "Thank You" to all of you for the lovely comments, well wishes, and memories you have shared.  It means so much to him to know how well Gayle was loved.

I've talked with Bob several times and I want you all to know that he's doing fine.  This will be a big adjustment for him, but he has great memories of 40 years with Gayle to pull him through.  He also has his son and two grandsons living with him, who provide lots of love and comfort to him.

Love to you, Bob, from all of us at LVHS '65.

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